The New Phoenix Program

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General Keith Alexander  General David Lacquement
are allegedly using classified anti-personnel weapons to target innocent civilians who fit a common profile
The active denial system (ADS) is a public microwave weapon that heats your skin to 130 degrees 
                   It functions as a pain amplifier

these links demo the ADS

Air tight proof is impossible to secure short of breaking into INSCOM headquarters at Fort Meade. The measure of proof must be that of a civil trial, what a reasonable person under normal circumstances would expect to be true. The case for these crimes against humanity is set forth in heavily researched and footnoted books and documentary films (MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program) but can be narrowed down to four main facts
ONE: Classified microwave weapons exist.
TWO: There are hundreds of credible witnesses.
THREE: There is a prior pattern of criminal behavior.
There are persons of interest in Army intelligence (INSCOM).

ONE: Classified microwave weapons exist. The Russians used microwave weapons to attack the American embassy in Moscow in the 1950's and the attacks were kept secret. Microwave weapons like the Active Denial System and milliwave radars are public electromagnetic weapons.
There are hundreds of credible witnesses, people who've been saying for years that they are targets of classified microwave weapons assaults and organized stalking. Over 200 targets were interviewed in person, most are political activists and whistleblowers in their 40's that fit a common profile.
THREE: There is a prior pattern of criminal behavior that contains all the elements of the current illegal program. First, a long criminal history of government hit lists against political activists. Second, half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons development programs. These illegal government programs escaped detection for decades & no perpetrators went to jail.
FOUR: There are persons of interest in Army intelligence who should be investigated. Military intelligence officers who have worked since 1980 to develop nonlethal microwave weapons for the Army. They've written extensively about how to use the weapons, publicly advocated using nonlethal microwave weapons on civilians to modify human behavior, and helped move the classified military technology from DOD to DOJ and into the hands of local police. They promote borderline superstitious beliefs and doomsday cults as part of a cover up of criminal activity. 
General Keith B. Alexander
General David Lacquement

These men are persons of interest (alleged criminals who are innocent until proven guilty) and should be dismissed, debriefed, and investigated with all due haste.


Military intelligence officers are using the latest classified anti-personnel weapons technology to target potential enemies and anyone who might attempt to stop them. General Benedict Arnold was the most infamous traitor in US history and is perhaps the only General who is viewed as a threat to the Republic. He sold information to the British and could have cost America the war, and thus its very existence.

Many of the founding fathers considered a professional officer corps and a standing army as a threat to the Republic. The US did not maintain a large standing army until after WWII. Thomas Jefferson established West Point to train an officer corps and enshrine the concept of loyalty to the Constitution and civilian rule.
General James Wilkinson was head of the Army in 1795 and after he died it became known that he sold information to the Spanish about US plans and forces.
Wilkinson had conspired with Aaron Burr
to take over Mexico and the world's richest silver mines and also to set up their own empire within disputed territories in a kind of kingdom in no man's land. General George Washington is revered because unlike other famous military men he declined power for himself, and this set him apart from the normal characteristic of men to grasp for power. General Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr, and General James Wilkinson represent the norm. With modern weapons and surveillance technology a few well placed men can exert incredible power over the life of the nation.
General Benedict Arnold, General James Wilkinson, Aaron Burr

The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from 
the perception of dissent against the Vietnam War as treason. This philosophy is stated very clearly
in the Mind War paper written for Army intelligence by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. The
claim of sabotage by domestic enemies as a reason for losing the Vietnam War was once a borderline
view but has become the premier narrative of the neocons.
This claim of betrayal by domestic
enemies is the exact claim made by the German Army after their loss in WWI. Conservatives and ex-
military leaders began to be critical of socialists, communists, and Jews who were seen to have
"stabbed them in the back" on the home front.
US military intelligence officers and others with hard
right wing ideologies have followed the well-worn path of blaming their political opponents with actions tantamount to treason and using that as an excuse to eliminate them. These charges of torture and murder are the most serious accusations ever made against US government employees and are not made lightly.

Lt Colonel Michael Aquino

In addition to historical examples there are modern day examples of corruption at the top of the officer corps, those entrusted with the safety and security of a democracy.
Lt Colonel David Russell Williams
Lt Colonel David Russell Williams, (former Colonel) in the Canadian Forces, is a convicted serial killer and rapist. From July 2009 to his arrest in February 2010, he commanded Canadian Forces Base Trenton, the country's largest and busiest airbase. Williams was a decorated military pilot who had flown dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the governor general, the prime minister, and others.
Williams was sentenced to two life sentences for first-degree murder, two 10-year sentences for other sexual assaults, two 10-year sentences for forcible confinement and 82 one-year sentences for burglary. The life sentences mean Williams will serve a minimum of 25 years before parole eligibility. He has been convicted of multiple murders, stripped of his commission, ranks, and awards by the Governor General of Canada on the recommendation of the Chief of the Defense Staff. His severance pay was terminated and the salary he received following his arrest was seized, although he is still entitled to a pension.

The above examples are both distasteful and frightening, but they are included to emphasize a very important point

It is common for criminality and evil to cloak themselves in the garments of purity. The two most respected institutions today are the church and the military. Just putting on the uniform of the USA or any other nations uniform does not change the nature of men . Most men grasp for power, and more power. Men easily convince themselves they are supermen to rationalize their exalted stations from the heights of public office, great fortunes, positions of infallibility.

Men have always wanted total control over other men and they always will. A casual glance at history shows that when men achieve total power over other men without consequences, then torture and mass murder are the rule of the day.

The technological breakthrough in electronic warfare are secret
 weapons that will revolutionize warfare, and
change forever the existing balance of power. These 
electromagnetic weapons allow JSOC to track and
kill anyone in their area of operations, day or night,
 in any kind of weather.  

TRY THIS: nonfiction...270 pages
MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program

download a copy here:


Monarch: The New Phoenix Program, part one of two,
Monarch One 2012 part one runs 86 minutes, part two runs 58 minutes.
Monarch Three 2012, runs 64 minutes.

Army intelligence is using classified anti-personnel weapons to target activists and whistleblowers. The program is designed to force a suicide, incarceration, and eventual death from non-ionizing radiation. Terminal experiments end in the death of the human test subjects, targets die from cancer, heart attack, attributable to natural causes.

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see outside independent films and reporting that back up
the charges of a prior pattern of criminal behavior
and films that document an arms race in
electromagnetic and speed of light weapons.

Please go to page five and six to see independent films from sources other than
the author that back up the charges.

please see the film below and the films on following pages that independently verify an EMW arms race is taking place off the public radar in US govt weapons labs.                                  

The US embassy in Moscow was attacked with nonlethal microwave weapons for decades. If the Communists got away with these kind of attacks, what chance does a single activist or whistleblower have against this kind of high tech (classified) state sponsored terrorism.   (see below)